Some Days I Just Want to Get Back in Bed. On an Airplane. On It’s Way to a Hideout in Another Country

WantsMoreGovt-GetsItI read a lot of tech blogs and such — stuff written by people whom I expect to be pretty savvy about the internet; how it works and it’s remarkable place in our society. So, seeing those people react to the FCC’s net neutrality ruling with almost unanimous glee makes me want to lay my head down on the highway in the path of an oncoming truck.

Because, though they typically sway liberal, tech writers tend to be a pretty independent-minded lot, and again, they thoroughly understand the value of the Wild West nature of the internet. They were paying attention –very close attention — while the unregulated internet transformed life as we know it.

So to see these people, without a hint of trepidation, embrace “net neutrality” like the FCC was standing on the corner handing out free puppies takes me to a special level of despair.

For these are the same people who ruthlessly mock the FCC over things like the profanity regulation and their response to Janet Jackson’s wardrobe malfunction. But they can’t wait to hand this prudish, politicized bureaucracy control of the internet!

They’re actually clicking their heels at the news that the internet is now going to be regulated as a utility. Does nobody remember what it was like when telephones were regulated as a utility? Apparently not, but let me tell you, it sucked. We had to pay rent to AT&T for the privilege of having one of their giant metal phones bolted to the wall in our kitchen. It was only after regulation ended that I was able to get a free phone that I can carry in my pocket, and that can also play music and allow me to send sexual innuendos to my wife in the form of animated smiley faces.

It seems the people who should know better are the ones who are most excited about the tender embrace of an all-regulating government. We are well and truly doomed. Maybe one day a Republican will be back in the White House so it’ll be cool to worry about government overreach again.

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