Gospel Hard

4JesusDidntTap-GroundAndPoundChristians, as long as they remain Christians, can never be open-minded or tolerant enough to be accepted by modern secular culture. So, as long as we’re going to be outcasts, we might as well lean into it.

At the National Review, David French says it this way, “If I Only Commit a ‘Microaggression,’ I’ve Underachieved“:

If it wasn’t clear before, it should be clear now: There is a segment of the population that will interpret virtually any form of communication from the “wrong” people as offensive or provocative.

…For years, I’ve been berated by fellow Christians, claiming that if only I were more “winsome” or communicated differently, then — what? — legions of people would fall down at the foot of the Cross? The faculty at Oberlin would join the rope line at a Ted Cruz rally? Now I’m told that even my body language or my friendly greetings can be basis for public complaint.

In fact, however, for a certain segment of the population there is literally nothing you can say — and no way you can say it–that won’t offend. Unless, of course, you capitulate to their views.

So, Christians and conservatives, be free. Speak your beliefs and live your values with grace — because that’s right — but also with conviction and fearlessness.

Whenever it’s possible, Christians should try to live at peace with the people around them. But there comes a point where our efforts to win acceptance in the culture start to look like battered wife syndrome: “If only we agreed more with people who hate us and completely oppose everything we stand for, then they’d love us!” We end up compromising the truth of the gospel in the hopes that “Christian” might one day not be a punch line, but that’s never going to happen. When we accept that, we gain the freedom to stop pulling punches.

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