C.S. Lewis on Charlie Hebdo and the Aftermath

I’m telling you, if you haven’t read The Abolition of Man by C.S. Lewis, you need to drop what you’re doing and read it right now. It was written seventy years ago, but it seems more relevant with every passing day. Some days, Lewis makes Nostradamus seem like a guy with a closet full of Beanie Babies (“They’re coming back! I’m telling you! Chompers the Shark is gonna buy me a yacht!”).

The Federalist’s Sean Davis looks at Lewis’ foresight in relation to recent events in Paris and the quisling media’s behavior in the aftermath:

I mean, if we’re talking about respect for religion, surely that must mean respect for religions that don’t send masked terrorists to gun down your news bureau whenever it publishes something stupid and insensitive, right? Or do my views only deserve respect insofar as they refuse to acknowledge your right to even exist?

For the Men Without Chests, however, history, theology, and even grammar must bow before the altar of terrorism.

CNN, a television network that exists to broadcast images to the world, instructed its employees to avoid the use of pictures and instead use words to describe the cartoon images. Did I mention that CNN is a TV station? And that the whole point of TV is to display images? Because it is. That’s why TV exists. To display images. Unless you’re CNN.

I don’t personally believe in modern day, post-Christian prophets, but if I did, I’d have to assume C.S. Lewis was one of them, because he saw this nonsense coming. He saw how the deliberate corruption of language leads inexorably to the degradation of society and the eventual corruption of mankind. We are seeing it now: let’s pretend that certain things don’t mean what they mean so that we may hopefully be the last up against the wall when the violent and perpetually offended hordes finally take control.

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