The Chris ‘N’ Jason Talkin’ ‘Bout Stuff Podcast

Crippling social anxiety, buckets of human waste, Ebola, Jack the Ripper, and decapitated Don Rickles. These are just some of the inspiring, pick-me-up topics in the inaugural episode of our big new podcast, “Chris ‘N’ Jason Talkin’ ‘Bout Stuff!”

For no other reason than our love for you, dear reader, me and my good buddy Chris West do our level best to bring joy to your life by goofing around in front of a microphone for 40 minutes. So please sit back and enjoy our insightful, topical commentary, liberally seasoned with us laughing at our own jokes.

Seriously, we hope you enjoy, and we hope you enjoy so much that you want to suggest topics for our next one. If you’ve got any questions or things you want to hear us talk about, send them to us on Twitter with the tag #CNJTBS. (Note: “Stop doing podcasts” does not count as a suggestion for a podcast topic.)

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