Today’s Quote to Make You Want to Pound Your Head with a Hammer

… comes from Rod Dreher seeking to understand why liberals reacted to the Hobby Lobby decision like the Supreme Court had just opened the Ark of the Covenant.

He writes about academic studies that show that liberals have a much worse understanding of conservatives’ moral convictions than conservatives have of the convictions of liberals. He then concludes with this:

What is remarkable — and deeply worrying — is not only that so many liberals cannot imagine why conservatives conclude the things we conclude, but that they assume our beliefs only come from illegitimate assumptions. As Zywicki wrote, it’s a quick step from concluding that one’s opponents are only driven by hatred to concluding that they must be thoroughly stamped out, because their irrational animus must not be allowed any quarter.

All this would not be as concerning to me if I had confidence that liberals empathized with conservatives, even as they disagreed with us. But on Haidt’s view, many (though not all) liberals see us only as crazy and/or bad when we disagree with them. And they don’t want to try to understand where we’re coming from, because what good can come from practicing empathy towards evil bastards?

…seeing the grotesque animosity towards people like me from liberals over the small-beer Hobby Lobby decision compels me to face up to the fact that the only political force standing between me, my church, and my community, and a State dominated by people who think we traditional church people are cretins who deserve to be pushed around, is Republicans. [emphasis despondently mine -j]

I can only hope that this is not true, because if our last, best hope for preserving religious freedom is the Republican party, we are D-U-N done.

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