What Progressives Want

If you were afraid that things couldn’t possibly get worse than having Hillary Clinton as the next president, don’t worry — things can indeed get worse than that. Elizabeth Warren is coming on strong as the preferred candidate for everyone who thinks Hillary Clinton is a traditional-values, free-market, small-government Reaganite.

What’s got the hard-core progressives so fired up about Warren? Larry Correia takes a look at her “11 commandments of progressivism” and sees why she’s so appealing to them and so terrifying to anybody who knows how to balance a checkbook. Some highlights:

– “We believe that Wall Street needs stronger rules and tougher enforcement, and we’re willing to fight for it.”

By Wall Street, Progs don’t actually mean “Wall Street”. They mean free market capitalism, which is their ultimate enemy. Capitalism enables people to improve their lives without government. The Prog’s end game is all about central control, only since the Progs all have Gender Studies degrees instead of Business degrees they suck at it even more than the Politburo.

As for Wall Street, whenever Progs are actually in power they practice a vicious form of crony capitalism where their friends and donors get special perks and favors, and political enemy’s businesses are punished. Solyndra? Here is your sack of money. Campaign donors and unions are Too Big To Fail! You donated money to the opposition? Audit time, bitches!

– “We believe that no one should work full-time and still live in poverty, and that means raising the minimum wage.”

Like many Prog talking points, this commandment is based upon wishful thinking, and it appeals to the base emotions of shame and greed.

Most rational people understand that minimum wage jobs are meant for low skilled positions and people who are starting out, and once you’ve gained some skills you go get a better job. Only a fool expects to buy a house and raise a family on burger flipper wages. But not Progs, oh no, because in their world when you raise a business’ costs they’re not going to eliminate those low skilled positions, instead they’ll just get more money from their endless money tree that all business owners have in their back yards.

I’m a retired accountant who worked for everything from Fortune 500 megacorps to tiny companies. I’ve been an auditor, a financial analyst, a finance department manager, and a small business owner, so trust me when I’ve said that I’ve never talked to a Prog who had a f***ing clue how business actually works.

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