One Quick Thought About LeBron James

Not LeBron James

Since everybody else is talking about LeBron James right now, I wanted to throw in one observation.

There is one reason why “Michael Jordan vs. LeBron James” debates will always end with Jordan on top. One reason why Jordan was, is, and always will be considered greater than James.

That reason is this: Jordan didn’t spend his formative years with everyone in the world telling him how great he was. Jordan had to deal with early setbacks that gave him a tremendous chip on his shoulder which, in later years, he would remove from his shoulder and use to beat people into submission.

From a purely physical standpoint, from a raw talent standpoint, James is better. But the one quality that James can’t touch is Jordan’s inhuman will to win. And in a league where everybody’s physical and everybody’s talented, the will to win can make a lot of difference.

It’s a good object lesson for a society that tries to make children’s lives as self-esteemy and disappointment-free as possible. Sometimes a dose of failure can light a fire that no amount of praise could.