Investigate This!

YeaaaaahEverybody’s calling for investigations nowadays, but not a lot is getting investigated. When was the last time anything good came from calling for investigations? Have you, like me, decided that “calling for investigations” is just political-speak for “looking busy until the public forgets about it”?

Benghazi, the VA, the IRS, and now the shoot-down of flight MH17 — all cases that seem like they’d be pretty easy to investigate, all about as complicated as an episode of Scooby-Doo (pull off Lois Lerner’s mask… it’s Old Man Swanson! “I would’ve gotten away with it too, if it weren’t for you nosy kids and your hard drive defragmenting software!”). But investigations either never happen or just turn into endless wheel-spinning.

The international calls is investigate the attack on MH17 are the straw that finally broken the camel’s back for me. What, exactly, even needs to be investigated here? Isn’t it pretty obvious what happened? Or do we think that there might’ve been a second shooter with anti-aircraft missiles on the grassy knoll, so we have to send Horatio Caine and the CSI:Miami crew over there to really nail everything down? Are they going to be able to connect Putin to the crime when they find one of his hairs in the wreckage? “Now we know why he was… rushin’ to find an alibi. YEEEEAAAAAAAAHHHHHH!!!

No, the problem is everybody knows what happened, but nobody wants to do anything about it. So, we just pound the table and call for investigations so we’ll seem like we’re doing something while we wait for the whole thing to just fade away.

I’m afraid it’s the same with all of the other scandals du jour. I hope there aren’t any people out there holding their breath, waiting for justice to be served in any of these cases. They’re all going to suffocate and die long before any calls for investigations bear fruit.

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