If Facebook Wants to Control Me They’ll Have to Take a Number

facebook-mehI haven’t read everything about the Facebook mind control hoo-ha, so I may not know all the details. But based on what I do know, the level of freak-out over this seems completely out of whack.

If Facebook was manipulating its users’ emotions, then just put them right alongside every commercial, movie, and TV show ever made, and a whole lot of the content produced by supposedly emotionless news reporters.

Doesn’t MSNBC spend every minute of every day trying to get the country worked into a rage fever over the fact that non-union Walmart employees can still buy guns and drink 20 oz. Cokes?

All of Hollywood is basically a giant engine for manipulating emotions. Why did everybody walk out of E.T. crying? Why does everybody hate Draco Malfoy? And isn’t this one of the main things that the show Mad Men is about?

Maybe I’m missing something, maybe this is super-duper nefarious because it’s coming from that dark and mysterious realm of witchcraft known as the Interwebs. But emotional manipulation is a time-honored tradition of anybody who wants to sell anything, including politicians. The lesson here is just to know that it’s coming.

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