What Will Those Crazy Christians Do Next?

Gasp! Hold onto your corset, grandma! Politico “exposes” those religious nuts that run Hobby Lobby!

The Greens are sponsoring scholarly study of the Bible and hosting forums such as a recent panel on faith’s role in shaping early America, which they hope to package for national broadcast.

Most provocatively, they’ve funded a multimillion-dollar effort to write a Bible curriculum they hope to place in public schools nationwide.

The plans that have been made public so far — including the high school curriculum — seem aimed at portraying Scripture as historically accurate and an unequivocal force for good, said John Kutsko, executive director of the international Society of Biblical Literature, the oldest and largest organization dedicated to biblical scholarship.

That approach fails to incorporate the latest scholarship, acknowledge that the Bible has also played a role as a tool of oppression or recognize different religious viewpoints, Kutsko said.

Christians who believe, and promote the idea, that the Bible is a good and true thing? Those crazy-ass lunatics! They must be stopped!

GetReligion has analysis:

In one sense, it’s a long piece seemingly designed to expose the Greens’ desire to promote the Bible as truth. At the same time — despite its length — the report ends up feeling rather shallow in the true depth it provides.

At one point in the story, there’s a quote interspersed between a source’s first and last names — a copy-and-paste error that makes one wonder how quickly Politico put together this story and how much thought and attention went into it

It’s an effort to paint the Green family as kooks, so we can feel ok about squashing their rights. Simple as that. It’s also the kind of thing that Christians have to start getting used to, as we get pushed farther and farther from the mainstream of the culture.

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