Tom Cruise Explains the Mississippi Republican Primary

Remember when we found out that Tom Cruise was crazy? For those who don’t, here’s a refresher:

Note that he didn’t go crazy here. In actuality, he had been crazy the whole time. We just discovered that he was crazy after he fired his longtime publicist — a Hollywood pro who was good at keeping a lid on the eccentricities of her clients  — and hired his sister to that job. Without the safeguards that he’d had before, the real Tom Cruise started leaking out, and eventually jumping up and down on Oprah’s couch.

Likewise, nothing has changed about the Republican party. They didn’t go crazy during the Senate primary in Mississippi. They just revealed what they had always been. Duplicitous, unconservative, anti-conservative, and willing to do whatever they have to do to hold onto power. Not a choice, but an echo.

They’ve lost the facade provided by safe seats in conservative districts. They’re getting genuine challenges from genuine conservatives who — holy crap! — have a chance to win. There’s a chance that they might actually be held accountable for their actions, so the real Republican party is starting to leak out.

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