God and Logic

I kind of agree with this, and also kind of disagree: Barnabas Piper says God is not logical:

We try to add up the causes to equal the effect or lay out the events in sequence so that they make sense. But God doesn’t always make sense. He is a puzzling being who often leaves us baffled and frustrated.

God is good and loving. He doesn’t do bad things. But he’s in control of bad things. So that means he is responsible for tragedies without being at fault for them. Huh? That doesn’t make any sort of logical sense. By our logic, 2+2 = 4 and anyone responsible for bad is guilty of it.

What if our seeking to “make sense” of God is based in the wrong place? What if 2+2=4 isn’t the right system of thought for understanding God? We seek to limit God to something we call logic, but what if that isn’t enough?

God is not logical because logic is for the finite and the fallible. It is a structure created and given by God so that beings with limited knowledge cold solve problems and have a reasonable world. Logic is a framework for understanding created beings and their doings, but God is not created. He is not finite. And He is not bound by logic. What we see as the ultimate basis of understanding is not ultimate at all. It is a created thing too.

To say God is not logical isn’t to say he is illogical. No, God is beyond logic.

It’s true that God is too big for us to really understand Him, what with Him being infinite and omnipotent, and us still grappling with the concept of “righty tighty, lefty loosey.”

But I don’t think that means that God is beyond logic. Far from it. We believe that God wants to have a relationship with us, and I think that means that He wants us to understand Him, as much as we can. He built the world to work in a logical way, and in doing so, he provided us a framework for understanding His nature.

This isn’t to say that God is obligated to adhere to the principles of logic; it’s good word choice to say that He’s “beyond logic.” But logic is part of the framework that He’s created to reveal Himself to us, so I don’t think that Christians should go around saying that, when it comes to God, you should just toss logic out the window.

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