Looking at Talented People

Speaking of talent, lately I’ve taken to watching Jerry Seinfeld’s web series “Comedians in Cars Getting Coffee.” It’s exactly what the title says: every episode, Seinfeld and one of his professionally funny friends hop in a classic car and go get coffee, and we get to ride along with them. Here’s some of the episode with Jay Leno:

On top of being funny, it’s an interesting, candid look at people who are at the top of their profession.

I think it’s fascinating to watch people who are really good at something talk about what they do. First of all, because they’re talking about something they enjoy, and it’s always fun to watch people talk about things they enjoy. And second, because they reveal a level of understanding that makes them sound like they’ve tapped into some secret knowledge that regular people can never touch. We can just know about it by listening to masters tell us. And while that’s interesting whether they’re masters of baking or glass blowing or whatever, most glass blowers aren’t as funny as Jay Leno.

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