Let’s Have a Concert!

Website twentytwowords.com has posted a big list of musical acts along with amount they charge to play a gig. Since there’s no way I could come up with the $250 grand it would take to get LMFAO (and that seems like about the right price, doesn’t it?), I thought I would see what kind of concert we could come up with for a more reasonable price.

Let’s kick it off with a little honky-tonkin’ from Confederate Railroad for a scant $7500:

We’ll follow that with a some King’s X for just $5000:

Then we’ll smooth things out with PM Dawn for $5000 – $10,000 (Does it take $10,000 to get both of them? If I only had $5000 and I had to choose, I would pick Gay Rasta Mr. T):

Keep it going with The Verve Pipe for $7000:

And big finish with Sponge for $7000:

That’s five big bands for less than the cost of a reasonably priced family sedan. Take that, LMFAO!

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