Does Church Need to be More Manly?

David French makes a point that I pretty much agree with 100%:

…writer David Murrow essentially says that church shouldn’t be more manly, but that it should be less “artificially womanly.” In other words, the contemporary evangelical church emphasizes a “personal,” “passionate,” or “intimate” relationship with Christ. This relationship emphasis – on a “man who’s in love with you” – is not only bound to be more appealing to women than men, it’s also biblically flawed.

I largely agree with this assessment, and would add that the problem is not just that the church emphasizes this intimate relationship with a man (after all men have no reluctance to form deep bonds with other men), but that it speaks of this relationship in overwhelmingly emotional terms. This translates even to evangelical speaking, writing, and music, all of which are primed to create a specific kind of emotional response.

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