“Heaven is for Real” Contrarianism

Man, David Platt hates the book Heaven is for Real. He really hates it:

Why do people flock to cutesy books like that for descriptions of heaven instead of relying on the Bible? Deep down, I think we’re all kind of scared of the thought of God in all His glory. Cartoonified versions of God and heaven are much more palatable.

(Via Justin Taylor)

3 thoughts on ““Heaven is for Real” Contrarianism”

  1. Maybe the book should be called Limbo of Infants is For Real… maximum natural happiness, but without beatific vision. Outside the place of experiencing the glory God, but experiencing all the happiness humanly possible.

    Or do you think people who have these experiences are deceived?

    Wasn’t everyone in scripture who was raised from the dead raised before the resurrection? Maybe Abraham’s Bosom was not somewhere they wanted to talk about going back to. They were safe and happy, but could see and hear the suffering of others. That’s not maximum happiness.

    It’s an interesting thing to speculate about, at least.

    • You’re right. You’ve got me thinking about other perspectives on stories like this one. I think I’m going to want to write about it a greater length to get my thoughts out.


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