Why Faith?

RedState’s Erick Erickson explains why he is determined to keep talking about his faith:

It is not just that we are all sinners. It’s that there really are people of this world and there really are people traveling through this world home to eternity. The people of the world will bring up every bad act the Christian has committed not so much to discredit the Christian with others, but to discredit the Christian with himself so he shuts up and gives up.

Because we’ve sinned, they want us to abandon Truth. Because we’re human, they want us to abandon God. They want us to give up the pursuit of godliness and just enjoy the squalor. They point out the squalor of our lives to get us to give up on standing for the higher, the better, and the truth. There’s nothing so dangerous to the men who love living in mud as a man in the mud preaching clean living. So discourage us with our own muddiness they must. They want us to be them.

But we cannot give up. Christ compels us to be faithful witnesses. All of us fall short of the glory of God and yet we are called to glorify him….

Truth is, I often feel more called and more passionate to write about these topics than the political ones. Too many Christians don’t want to talk about this stuff or cannot talk about this stuff. Other Christians are too willing to throw stones at those of us who do while hiding behind the veil of “I’d have said it differently.” That’s often the only time you hear them.

I’d rather be the last man on the ramparts fighting for my faith than sitting comfortably at home rolling my eyes at the Christian masses thinking, “You think that guy’s persecuted? Well let me introduce you to Jim Elliot.” We live in a world where some Christians think unless you’re bleeding on the street you aren’t persecuted and many Christians my age think you should be bleeding on the street if you really want to live your faith. Millennial Christians sometimes seem to relish the thought of being persecuted. Some just look down their noses and declare their focus more pure because they’re praying for the persecuted in Africa instead of their neighbor. Others shy away from the difficulties of the faith and neuter it with platitudes.

I can be on the ramparts, warts and all, and write and talk and pray and give. And so I do.

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