The Evils of Abortion

If you’re still wishy-washy over whether or not abortion is evil, I can only imagine you’r reading this blog by accident. However, it never hurts to clear away the underbrush of rhetoric with some direct, hard truths. To that end, RedState asks the question, “So Just How Evil Is Abortion Anyway?

Abortion has stained and perverted some aspects of the practice of medicine. On a practical level, it has lead to the continued operation of “Women’s Health Clinics” that display a level of care and sanitation that had previously been banished with the adoption of modern sterile techniques of medical practice. On a legal level, the desires of some to make abortions widely available has lead to widespread violations of laws protecting female minors.

Abortion has a sordid and underreported history as a eugenic tool. When you practice eugenics through subtraction, you basically have to resort to genocide. The Economic Whiz Kids who brought us Freakonomics took time out of their busy research day to inform us that aborting the right kind of children reduces crime in America. You could even clean up Mordor if you just got rid of the gosh-darn OrcsA man named Kermit Gosnell put that ethic into ruthless practice in Philadelphia, PA and thereby became a coalmine canary for what was happening in at abortion mills all over America.

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