The Death of Star Wars

I do not necessarily agree with this; however, I present it here so you can judge for yourself: From a cattle-call audition in Austin, TX, Betsy Woodruff reports that Star Wars is dead:

Here’s why Star Wars is dead: First, because they made a huge mistake in not casting me. Second, because it’s no longer in the hands of a bunch of nerds in California and because it’s been entrusted instead to the kind of people who think eight-hour meet-and-greets are a good idea either as A) publicity stunts (or, giving them the presumption of good faith) B) a good way to determine who’s going to be the next Luke Skywalker. It’s because Star Wars — a story that’s profoundly anti-centralization, anti-bureaucracy, anti-depersonalization — is being micromanaged and scrutinized by nameless bureaucrats who think that people who’ve stood in line for five hours will be satisfied with being directed to a website. And it’s because a film enterprise that was initially about risk is now about bet-hedging. No one should need to be told that the seventh film in a franchise probably isn’t going to be super great. But, you know, just in case, consider yourself warned.

I know this was a bummer for the people who were actually at the casting call, but saying that Disney doesn’t know what they’re doing in the publicity/promotion department is like saying don’t miss a very special Christmas episode of “Good Luck Charlie” this Friday (Oh my gosh they’ve even got me doing it!)

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