Christian Persecution, For Reals

I think that all the brouhaha over Phil Robertson’s suspension from Duck Dynasty was entirely appropriate and justified. I think that Christians should be in the habit of vigorously pushing back against the politically correct thought police at every opportunity.

However, just to keep a sense of perspective, I think it’s important that we don’t mistake stuff like this for real persecution. For a look at what that’s like, check out the story of Chinese Christian dissident Bob Fu:

Bob Fu was a pro-democracy student who protested at Tiananmen Square in 1989. He and his future wife were spared the harm that befell other students, but Fu knew he had to continue to speak up. Soon afterward, he became a Christian and Fu’s fate was sealed: He had to fight for the rights of the faithful to practice their religion openly. When his wife, Heidi, discovered she was pregnant, they both knew they would likely lose their child to a forced abortion. The tale of the couple’s escape is riveting — and the new life they are pursuing in the U.S. is inspiring.

MORAN: Only “state-sanctioned” churches are allowed in China. How do Christians deal with that?

FU: Although the officially sanctioned church is the only one “legally” allowed to exist in China, many more believers choose to worship in unregistered places, including their homes. They know they could be declared as “illegal and subject for persecution,” yet they continue because their loyalty to Christ Jesus — who they know is the only head of the church, not the CCP – is more important to their faith than anything else. And they know they are facing the same challenges as the apostles Paul and Peter, and church martyrs like Justin Martyr and Polycarp of Smyrna, have faced. It is rather a glorious thing for their faith to be tested under fire. So that’s why so many continue to establish house churches and worship despite the risks.

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