Wherein I Connect the Dots

Two entertainment news stories I saw back-to-back:

Monty Python to reunite for new show after 30 years

British comedy veterans Monty Python are set to reunite for a new show in their first major collaboration in 30 years, member Terry Jones revealed on Tuesday.

“We’re getting together and putting on a show — it’s real,” Jones told the BBC.

“I’m quite excited about it. I hope it makes us a lot of money. I hope to be able to pay off my mortgage!”


Holiday Classic ‘It’s A Wonderful Life’ Set for Sequel

The producers are eyeing a budget in the $25 to $32 million range and are in the midst of searching for a director. The idea is to have the film ready for the 2015 holiday season.

Python. Bailey. Mortgages. Building and Loan. Hmm? Coincidence? I think not.


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