Starring Sarah Palin as Emmanuel Goldstein

From Jim Geraghty’s Morning Jolt newsletter (It’s good! You should try it!), a good stab at explaining why Sarah Palin makes liberals go completely outhouse-rat crazy:

There’s something amazing about the overwhelming demonization of her from the fall of 2008; she really was turned into this Emmanuel Goldstein/scapegoat figure to the Left, an all-purpose bogeywoman to be sneered at and metaphorically spat upon every chance they get — until they realize that they sound like unhinged lunatics.

We reached the point where so many folks who have some of the most prominent perches in the media see her as this inhuman figure, some embodiment of pure evil, who is completely undeserving of any level of respect, or in some cases, even basic fact-checking. Some will chalk it up to sexism, some will chalk it up to hatred of the rural America she seems to represent.

Perhaps the treatment of Palin most clearly represents the contradiction between how liberals see themselves and how they actually behave and think. They like to think of themselves as being tolerant, understanding, intellectual, rational, the “reality-based community.” And then when you mention Palin’s name, a bunch of ’em snarl, spit, sneer, and their eyes bulge with rage — all for a woman who’s been out of office since 2009 and who shows no sign of returning to it again.

The ongoing vitriol directed toward someone who is now basically just a celebrity political commentator is kind of amazing. Whatever it is, she does strike a nerve.

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