How to Interact with Introverts

This is brilliant: an illustrated guide on how to relate to the introverts in your life. It’s just one page, but it’s a long page, so I’m not going to copy it here, but go read it.

Here’s one quote that rang profoundly true to me:

Introverted people make their own energy and, rather than taking it from others, give it on social contact. This means that they naturally find most interaction exhausting and need time to recharge.

Because this energy is a limited resource, they tend to see extroverts as obnoxious predators out to steal their sweet, sweet energy juices.

I don’t think I’d say that most interaction was exhausting for me, but socializing definitely does consume energy rather than produce it. Long periods of vigorous socializing, like a party, will make me so tired that I start to slur my words and have to really focus to talk. Or at least, that’s what I’m going to blame it on. Yeah, that’s it; it’s my introversion.


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