If You’re a Parent and You Need Something Else to Worry About, Here You Go

Erick Erickson writes of his greatest fear for his kids:

I fear my kids might decide to go along to get along. The Bible says, and history bears it out, that the world hates those of God because the world hates God. I fear my children, though, may decide they love the world more than God because it is easier to get through this world doing that.

Evangelicals have, over the past few decades, gotten involved in the rough and tumble world of politics sometimes too politically and sometimes exploitatively. Some of the fights — like abortion and gay marriage — they’ve been forced to fight and were not fights of their choosing despite the world’s spin. Other fights they’ve willingly jumped in. Occasionally, some Christians have profited from the fight with no accountability and others have used evangelicals as a means to a profitable secular end with the evangelical community turning a blind eye.

This has driven up the cynicism of young Christians already being wooed by a world that cleverly casts out Christian sinners as hypocrites, helping undermine trust.

Young Christians are breaking into two camps it seems. One camp wants to retreat from the world and the other wants to retreat into the world. Neither is a good position, but being in the world and not of the world can sometimes be difficult to grasp.

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