You Think Obamacare is Bad at Computer Science, Just Wait Til You See It in Economics

If you think the website is the only thing wrong with Obamacare, you got another think coming. There’s no “tech surge” that can beat the laws of economics. Points and Figures outlines Obamacare’s violation of those laws in excruciating detail:

 While it is true that health care costs are sky-rocketing, millions of Americans are uninsured and many go bankrupt paying for unexpected health care costs, Obamacare does absolutely nothing to solve any of these problems.  Instead, this highly complex law, with over 20,000 pages, is doomed for failure by the very basic economic principle of supply and demand.

Obamacare does not encourage a free market system. Instead, it actually creates an even greater distortion in demand and supply. Obamcare increases demand for health care by forcing every American to purchase health insurance. Companies currently providing health insurance to retirees and union workers now have the option of forcing these people the healthcare exchanges. The exchanges are very similar to current health insurance but reimburse doctors at a rate much closer to Medicaid than commercial insurances.

The law of supply and demand says the majority of doctors will not be willing to subject themselves to more costly regulations or take a massive pay cut. Rational behavior would be to do one or more of the following: greatly reduce the number of Medicaid or exchange insurance patients, change specialties, hire more physician assistants and nurse practitioners or leave the industry through retirement or shifting to a cash only basis. The healthcare industry shortage will be exasperate as young people entering college who would have chosen medicine will choose another path as the pay scale can no longer compensate for the years of training and cost of college.

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