The Obamacare Strategy

If you think Republicans are pushing too hard in trying to derail Obamacare, if you think they’re making too big a deal about making a stand against the law now, read this:

This, then, is the reality: Democrats have been so upset at GOP calls to delay the Obamacare’s exchanges and its individual mandate because they realize its best chance for survival is to entrench it, and the best way to do that is to destroy the only viable alternative. History amply illustrates that a government program doesn’t need to be wise or popular to survive, it just needs to change the facts on the ground so it becomes hard to undo. This is public choice theory 101: if a program has a small minority of dependent constituents who become vocal supporters, it becomes difficult and politically painful for a majority to remove. And if a program becomes the status quo, part of the landscape, then whole systems will grow up and adapt around it – bureaucrats hired to administer the system (think of Obamacare’s “navigators”) will become settled in their jobs, businesses and state local governments will adapt their practices and payrolls, insurance companies will rework their actuarial schedules around the new pools of policyholders. And then Democrats can campaign forevermore not on a radical retooling of the system, but on preserving it from the frightening unknown.

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