The Economic Ripples of Obamacare

We have not yet begun to see how Obamacare is going to turn the nation and its economy on its ear. Jeff Carter highlights the creeping loss of Amarica’s risk-taking culture:

Headline employment numbers improve, but it’s not due to economic activity.  Government policy, and Federal Reserve policy have put a stranglehold on business expansion.  We are transitioning from an economy that took risk, to one that plays it safe. 

The ranks of independent workers are growing.  Pass any coffee shop, and you will see people anchoring themselves into space to drink coffee and pound on their computer.  Many of them are working. 

This trickles down into your family.  Not having a permanent job makes it tougher for families to take risk.  They change their behavior.  They might not try to create businesses, and become passive.  Just looking for the next gig to get money in to afford to live. 

They may get hooked on government benefits.  They will have trouble building wealth, unless one of their gigs hits it big.  High unemployment, or unstable employment debilitates families.

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