New Jersey Says You’re Wrong to Not Want to Be Gay

New Jersey’s legislature has passed, and Gov. Chris Christie has signed, a bill that makes it illegal for therapists to offer gay conversion therapy.

Christie said he was “reluctantly” treading into an area in which government should be careful because the risks of “conversion therapy” in his mind outweighed parental rights.  

“I believe that exposing children to these health risks without clear evidence of benefits that outweigh these serious risks is not appropriate,” Christie said.

(Glad Gov. Christie is looking out for “health risks” in this issue. Because as we all know there are absolutely no health risks associated with homosexuality. Am I right?)

So, what the state of New Jersey is saying to people who have same-sex attractions and don’t want them is, “You are wrong to not want same-sex attractions, and you are wrong to want to seek any kind of professional help.”

To sum up, wanting to be gay: great and natural. Not wanting to be gay: terrible, risky, and now illegal.

I just hope that it’s still ok for straight men to seek help being more fabulous. Otherwise, no one’s belt will ever match his shoes again.

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