Ex-Gay Community Lobbies for Government Protection

I can’t wait to see all the coverage this gets: Ex-Gay Community Lobbies Congress for Recognition, Protection From Discrimination:

Two weeks ago, Doyle announced that a planned reception that was to be held at the Family Research Council in Washington, D.C. had to be postponed and moved to an undisclosed location after members of the ex-gay community and the FRC received threatening phone calls and emails. 

“It’s really un-American as to what the LGBT anti-ex-gay activists are trying to do. They’re trying to shut us out, trying to shut us down. They’re trying to de-fame anyone who comes out and intimidate,” Doyle said. “Right now, because of all of this homo-fascism and indoctrination in the media, ex-gays aren’t given a fair shake.” 

Doyle also believes that the politicians who are speaking out against therapy, and who publically proclaim that people are simply born gay, are not qualified to make such claims.

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