In Spite of Everything, Optimism

We started off the week on kind of a bad note, so let’s try to finish on a good one.

Paula Bolyard makes a herculean effort to pull together some things to be optimistic about, and by golly, I want to applaud her for the effort before I stick my head back in the oven.

From her list of five signs we haven’t lost America yet:

Conservatives Reproduce More Than Liberals 

The states that vote for Republican presidential candidates have the highest fertility rates. Utah families have 2.7 children each compared to 1.7 in Vermont. Homeschoolers have 3.5 children per family (thank you, Duggar family, for raising our team average!). One economist who looked at the numbers thinks that even the increase in the Hispanics, who tend to have more babies and vote Democrat, cannot make up for the deficits of the lethargic left. This is a numbers game, and their obsession with abortion, birth control, and one-child families as a part of their holistic carbon-footprint-reduction plan will eventually catch up with them.

And the winner of the good news/bad news derby:

The Church Grows with Persecution 

In recent decades, the American church has been awash in excess, entertainment, and theological emptiness. Pews have often been filled with parishioners seeking a feel-good experience or a mildly entertaining worship event. At a time when Christianity increasingly confronts hostility in our culture, we will see the wheat separated from the chaff. Those who are in it for their “Best Life Now” will beat a path for the exits, and the church, as always, will grow with persecution — not with market-tested church-growth numbers, but in faithfulness and obedience to Christ.

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