Get Ready for Chris Broussard Appreciation Day

If you’re looking for brave public stands in the sports world, forget Jason Collins and look to Chris Broussard, who took the radical, heroic, borderline-insane step of plainly stating the Biblical position on human sexuality:

So, naturally, Chris Broussard must be destroyed. Online reaction to his statement was swift and vehement, with some going so far as to say that Broussard’s opinion shouldn’t count as Constitutionally-protected speech.

I, for one, am now an enormous Chris Broussard fan and would start watching his coverage of the NBA if only I wasn’t completely indifferent about the NBA.

For the most incisive comment on the incident, let us look once again to the wisdom of Christian rapper Lecrae:

So you ask @chris_broussard for his thoughts and you’re attacking him cause you disagree with them? And he’s the intolerant one?
— Lecrae (@lecrae) April 29, 2013


  1. Bravo to Broussard for saying what he believes even if it could cost him a lot in his professional life. I’ve always thought this tolerance movement seemed one-sided – certain lifestyles are to be tolerated, but others condemned. Actually, I think tolerance is the wrong word. It sounds like Broussard is tolerating the gay lifestyle, but not accepting it. Isn’t there a difference?

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