"Why Marxism?"

C. Bradley Thompson gives a talk on why people continue to espouse Marxism, in spite of the fact that countries which implement Marxist policies tend to end up with nothing but piles and piles of dead bodies. (Via Insta-you-know-who)

All Hail, Our Ginger Lord of Awkwardness

Watch as a very young Conan O’Brien interviews celebrities for his “Late Night” audition tape, apparently while wearing his dad’s suit:

Song Infection of the Day

Sometimes it’s incredible to see what will get stuck in the nooks of your brain and just stay there forever and ever. The local NBC affiliate used to play Looney Tunes when I got home from school, and one that they would often play was an old, old Porky Pig cartoon called “Notes to You.” … Read more

The Gosnell Blackout

Mark Steyn: But some of us have argued a consistent position on this case for over two years now: Relatively few people wish to commit mass murder on the scale of Gosnell – that’s the good news. The bad news is that the vast ranks of newspaper publishers, TV executives, editors, news producers, radio assignment … Read more


Kermit Gosnell is the kind of guy who gives abortionists a bad name, so you’re going to have a hard time finding coverage of his murder trial in the mainstream media. But if you are trying to find out more about it–and mind you, if you look very long, you’re going to see something that makes … Read more

Song Infection of the Day

Good part about growing up in the ’80’s: The Reagan Era. Bad part about growing up in the ’80’s: Stuff like this is stuck in your brain for-ev-er.

"Socialism is Institutionalized Envy"

Does Jesus want you to be a conservative? Douglas Wilson speculates: So when I claim, as I recently have, that belief in the lordship of Jesus Christ obligates us to a position that honors the concept of limited government, I really am saying that everybody needs to get good with this. The Bible teaches it. … Read more

More on Depression

Justin Taylor provides a bundle of links to resources for those suffering from, and ministering to those suffering from, depression.

Song Infection of the Day

The Eagle’s original was the song that was in my head, but this is one of those rare occasions where the cover is better than the original.

Understanding Matthew Warren

In the wake of the suicide of Rick Warren’s son Matthew, Thomas McDonald tries to explain the mind of the clinically depressed. It’s not easy, but he’s got some interesting insight: The mentally ill will forever remain an enigma to a population that can look at a person torn apart by a darkness that devours … Read more

How to be Unpopular

From Law to Grace has further thoughts on David French’s “If only you were more like Jesus” post (which I also linked previously): Do you want to be hated, really hated? Then live more like Jesus. No, not the Jesus who has been imagined by popular culture nor the Jesus who has been re-defined by … Read more

If Greed is Good, Maybe it’s not Greed

Jeff Carter in support of what used to be called “achievement” but is now called “greed”: The assault on greed in the past several years has been astounding. It’s morphed into an assault on capitalism. But, the people behind the assault hated capitalism and are just using “greed” to try and destroy a capitalistic system.  Greed … Read more

Song Infection of the Day

Now this is what I mean by a song infection. Sweet Aunt Petunia, somebody get this song out of my head.

Breaking News: A Scientist Believes in the Bible

And over at Jesus Creed, that selfsame scientist writes about some misconceptions concerning science and faith, and why he doesn’t buy ’em: Science has proven that miracles are impossible. We’ve heard this statement in many forms and many places. It is, of course, not true. Science cannot disprove miracles, as science can only address the … Read more

"If only you were more like Jesus"

David French on how well-meaning Christians get suckered into going along with liberal do-goodery: “If only you were more like Jesus,” they [liberals] proclaim, “and less concerned with [fill in the hot-button social issue here], then you would reach more people.” I’ve mostly experienced this argument as a weapon wielded against young, idealistic Christians — … Read more

Song Infection of the Day

Every morning when I get in the shower, for some reason my brain gets infected by a random song. Sometimes there’s some sense behind it–it’ll be a song that I heard someone mention recently, or I caught a snippet of it on a commercial or TV show. But sometimes there’s no sense at all. I … Read more

The New York Times Doesn’t Know What Easter Means

From the Department of Stuff We Kind of Already Knew, Really: The New York Times had to issue a correction because they didn’t know what Christians are celebrating on Easter, once again demonstrating that  they don’t understand Christian beliefs and can’t even be bothered to spend five minutes on Google to look them up. The … Read more