If Greed is Good, Maybe it’s not Greed

Jeff Carter in support of what used to be called “achievement” but is now called “greed”:

The assault on greed in the past several years has been astounding. It’s morphed into an assault on capitalism. But, the people behind the assault hated capitalism and are just using “greed” to try and destroy a capitalistic system. 

Greed in the biblical sense corrupts. 35 Bible verses about greed, the most famous being from 1 Timothy; For the love of money is a root of all kinds of evils.  The activists like to trot that one out to make their point. 

…maybe we ought to use a different word.  Maybe Desire.  Maybe Rising Tide. 

A lot of the time, entrepreneurs “desire” to change the world.  They see their business as bigger than themselves.  Money is just something that happens when they are successful. 

For example, An entrepreneur starts a business that solves a pain point.  The byproduct of the solution is that their company grows and people get employed.  The byproduct of that is a lot of people have the potential to make a lot of money. 

People that become wealthy don’t sit on their money.  They spend it, invest it and create more value with it.  They donate to charity.   America wouldn’t be what it is without the “greedy capitalists” that settled it. 

Making money isn’t evil.  The only thing that’s evil is when money and acquiring it is your only focus.

He also makes some points about how our glorious, selfless political leaders exhibit their own–and potentially much more dangerous–brand of greed.

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