What Would You Add to the Bill of Rights?

TheAtlantic.com asks readers, “What would you add to the Bill of Rights?” The readers have plenty of suggestions, but they are all small beer. To clean up the mess we’re in now, it’ll take a lot more than an amendment that says, “You totally have the right to grow your own weed in your backyard, … Read more

Now Taking Applicants for Smoot-Hawley 2.0

The front runner to be the next Smoot-Hawley Tariff? The terrible and Orwellian-named Marketplace Fairness Act. At the Points and Figures blog, Jeff Carter breaks it down: The tax will restrict competition.  Today, people have a choice between online and physical retailers.  Physical retailers know that a person can enter their shop, whip out their … Read more

Song Infection of the Day

And now, the video that makes me laugh more consistently than anything on YouTube. Ladies and gentlemen, Dragonforce:

Progressing Away from Civilization

Ok, so the President of the United States addressed a meeting of Planned Parenthood and offered them a heartfelt “God bless you” for all their hard work. The sentiments of the elected head of the government give a pretty good indication of the priorities of a society. John Hayward elaborates on this thought at RedState: … Read more

This is Either Extremely Encouraging or Brutally Depressing

Ann Althouse observes: If Gosnell is not convicted… it will help the pro-life movement. We’re going to skip right over how depressing and outrageous it would be if Gosnell were to walk. We’ll worry about that another time. If this is true–if Gosnell isn’t convicted of anything and the resulting outrage turns the tide against … Read more

Human Capital(ism)

Via the Corner, here’s a video from the American Enterprise Institute that demonstrates how free markets, private investment, and innovation (aka, capitalism) overcome poverty:

Analysis of the Analysis of the Boston Bombers

Instead of reading the mainstream media’s overwrought analysis of why, oh, why those two Tsarnaev brothers could’ve done such a dastardly thing, just read this from Powerline. Money quote: When asserting the obvious is not a respectable option, asserting gibberish becomes the option of choice for people of ordinary intellect who wish to opine. And … Read more

A Good Way to Start Your Monday

Author who knows how to use Google pimp-slaps a liberal useful idiot (check that; he’s probably not all that useful, just an idiot) at length and with gusto. (Via Instapundit, your wholesale distributor for Internet pimp-slaps.)

Song Infection of the Day

And behold the spectacle of Tokyo singing along with Journey circa 1981:

"The Simpsons" Original Writers Reunion

For the first ten seasons, it was the best TV show that has ever been.

Is Patton Oswalt Right?

(Here’s one of those posts where I earn the name of the blog.) In the immediate aftermath of the Boston Marathon bombing, Patton Oswalt wrote this:  This is a giant planet and we’re lucky to live on it but there are prices and penalties incurred for the daily miracle of existence. One of them is, … Read more

Song Infection of the Day

I hope this is the clean version of this song, because, man, I can’t understand a word this guy is saying.

The Case Against Roe

Have you been looking for someone to cogently, logically make the case against the supposed “right” to abortion on demand? Well, look no further; the Wall Street Journal makes the heck out of it right here: Last year the Journal of Medical Ethics published a paper by two academics who argued that “what we call … Read more

The Morality of Free Markets

I don’t know how much of an expert Rupert Murdoch is on morality, but he’s right about this: the free market is the most moral system:

Jackie Robinson’s Faith

Great post on WSJ about the religious faith of Jackie Robinson and his boss, Branch Rickey. I’m a big baseball fan, and I didn’t know any of this stuff: After serving in the U.S. Army during World War II, Robinson, who had been a stand-out athlete at UCLA, signed up in the spring of 1945 … Read more