The Real C.S. Lewis

His work has become so mythically significant that it’s easy to forget he was real, but he was. R.J. Moeller on the real C.S. Lewis:

C. S. Lewis is chiefly remembered because he told great stories. He was the creator of worlds and realms outside of our own that taught us more about the one in which we live. He produced good art, first and foremost. He didn’t set out to create an alternate “religious version” of something secular artists were doing. He told stories that he felt compelled to tell. These stories began in his creative mind–a mind fueled and informed by his love of things like medieval literature and history, as well as his Christian faith. His life experiences, including time spent as a soldier in WWI and all of the controversial subjects I mentioned above, were also integral to the end product that appeared on the pages of the books many of us still read today. 

We who come after such seminal talents are the ones who can end up idolizing them.

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