Is Horror the Most Christian Film Genre?

An interesting question on Acculturated:

The stereotype is that horror, with all its darkness and evil, is as anti-Christian as it gets. 

Yet this darkness and evil is precisely what makes horror the perfect Christian genre, according to Scott Derrickson, director of Sinister and the Exorcism of Emily Rose, among many other projects.  In her discernment process, Rachel unearthed a Christianity Today interview with Derrickson, a devout Christian, in which he outlined the following reasons that horror is ideal for Christian filmmakers: 

  • Horror deals more directly with the supernatural than any other genre.
  • Horror articulates the essence of good and evil more clearly than any other genre.
  • Horror presents an opportunity for people to confront evil in the world, recognize the evil in themselves, and acknowledge that have less control over our lives than usually assume.
  • Horror invites the audience to ask themselves what they believe, and discuss spiritual matters, more so than any other genre.

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