Playing Through It Like Michael Jordan

When you’re sick, do you ever think, “I wonder how sick Michael Jordan was during the Flu Game, and how does that compare to how sick I am now?”

Could I go for 38 points and 7 rebounds on a day when I have to make a plan just to get up out of a chair? Or did he just kind of have the sniffles and a little fever, and he totally made a big, fat deal out of it? “Oh, Scottie, help me to the bench so I can get some fluids. And then maybe run get me a sandwich too. That’d be great.”

Given how happy I am just to be able to sit up and type on a computer, I have a hard time believing that Michael was as sick as this. But if he was, wow. Then again, if I was paid for blogging the way he was paid for basketball, this would be my 97th post of the day. Violent chills and spastic colon, be damned! Bring me my computer!

Update: And yes, knowing that Jen Fulwiler is blogging while pregnant and recovering from a pulmonary embolism makes me feel like a pathetic wimp. Feel better soon and happy birthday, Jen!

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