Hobby Lobby and Nuremberg

Comparing the US government to an oppressive dictatorship is nothing new. It was practically a cottage industry under George W. Bush. But usually that kind of talk comes from professional agitators, junior anarchists, and idiot college students trying to impress all the hot chicks down at the poetry jam.

Rarely do you see that kind of talk from apolitical ministers. But you’re seeing it now. Wade Burleson hits the two-fer as he compares the US to both Nazi Germany and the Big Brother government from 1984. In support of his argument, he makes the government’s treatment of Hobby Lobby Exhibit A:

Hobby Lobby believes that the child within a mother’s womb is a person, and that to encroach on that person’s life for the purpose of killing it is murder. Hobby Lobby’s officials are obeying a Higher Law and ignoring Political Law. However, the United States government is now acting just like the German government of the 1940’s. Political Law of the State is replacing Natural Law. 

Watch the US government’s reaction to Hobby Lobby very closely. It would not be surprising to me if the fines against Hobby Lobby were increased into the millions and millions of dollars. It would also not be suprising to me that if Hobby Lobby continues its defiance of Obamacare in the years to come, the US Justice Department will move to imprison company officials. Those who are unfamiliar with history are destined to repeat history’s mistakes. America is fast becoming 1940’s Germany. 

Read the whole thing, and then run down to Hobby Lobby and buy a truckload of scrapbooking supplies.

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