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After Reagan, the Republican party had one convincing win when George Bush the Elder ran with the promise of being Reagan’s third term.

Since then, the Republicans have eked out two skin-of-their-teeth wins–including the skinniest skin-of-their-teeth win ever in 2000, over an administration that had just exhausted the country with scandal and embarrassment, with a candidate in George Bush the Younger whose key talent was appearing more conservative than he was.

Aside from that, the Republicans have given us George Bush the Elder (running as himself), Bob Dole, John McCain, and Mitt Romney.

So, my question is: what, exactly, is the Republican party good for?

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  1. Mark Wilson

    I agree. There’s alot of soul searching going on right now. People talking about how they shouldn’t let Christians run the Republican Party. People saying that there needs to be reaching out to Hispanic voters and less opposition to illegal immigration. They have forgotten that “kinder gentler nation” and “compassionate conservatism” have gotten us nowhere. I’m tired of playing nice and seeing nominees not call the opposition what it really is. It’s time for TRUTH. Open the floodgates and tell the TRUTH and quit pandering. If they reject you after that, so be it. The Tea Party is currently controlling the House right now and not the RINOs. The RINOs need to be thrown out, and if that’s not possible something else needs to be formed. It’s happened before in American history. You don’t hear about the Whig Party anymore.

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