Taking the Lucas Out of Lucasfilm

I have read few things on the Internet that I’ve agreed with more than this statement: “George Lucas Just Saved Star Wars by Firing George Lucas“:

For my own part, I’d wager Disney is smart enough that they’ll likely make wiser choices than Lucas did. With the right directors and the right storylines in place, Disney can easily make back the $4 billion they spent on LucasFilm in short order. There will be missteps, sure–but I also suspect Joss Whedon, Brad Bird, or any of the other potential directors who fell in love with this universe as teenagers are unlikely to try anything as stupid as Lucas’s prequel choices, when there were suddenly “heroes on both sides,” wooden dialogue was interrupted with anti-Republican undertones, and the Force turned out to be nothing more than genetic superiority. These are not the choices of someone who cares about his story all that much–it’s the choices of someone who just wants to power through it all so the process can be over as soon as possible.

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