So, Here We Are. Where To Now?

So, I woke up this morning and I was still here. The Lord hasn’t called me home, so I guess that means He expects me to stay in the fight.

If you’re like me–still alive and on the earth–then I think it’s important to have a plan for living in the world that the election of 11/6/2012 forced us to acknowledge that we are living in.

Lots of people have lots of ideas for what our plans should be, but most of those people are crazy and/or stupid, either permanently so or temporarily so because close proximity to big events like an election make people go crazy and/or stupid. As time passes, our options will become clearer, but for now, it looks like most responses to the election can be classified in one of three categories:

1) The GOP Establishment Response – Cry, capitulate, beg for mercy, throw own children into volcano in attempt to appease angry gods.

This, as the president would say, is less than optimal. Most real people hold their own personal convictions not because they are popular or convenient, but because they believe they are right. When politicians (who aren’t real people, only bundles of ego and appetites held together by hairspray and power ties) attempt to turn on a dime and reverse their “core values,” they look even more pathetic and worthless than usual.

2) The Tea Party/Breitbart Response – In a word, WAR.

After the election night gut punch, some people have taken a standing eight count and come back with more grim determination than ever. They are regrouping, refining their strategy, and bracing themselves for another charge onto the political battlefield. It’ll be an uphill fight, but at least they’ll get to fight in the shade:

3) The Ayn Rand/Dennis Miller Response – Shrug (with a capital “S”)

Leading up to the election, Dennis Miller talked on his radio show about not wanting to support the sponges who were gaming the system, and that the election would tell us if there were now more of them than the taxpayers who support them. He said, further, that if the election pointed that way, then he would take the advice of Ayn Rand and “shrug.” Not raise a stink in protest, not lash out against the system, not even disappear into the mountains like Rand’s heroes. Just stop working as much, stop hustling, stop generating excess income just to have it confiscated and passed out in the form of free contraceptives for the world’s Sandra Flukes.

For me, I think response (1) is right out, because I’m not a craven scumbag and don’t have any desire to look like one.┬áBut I am considering some combination of responses (2) and (3).

I’ll probably continue to be politically involved, because I can’t help it. And if anybody wants to talk about stabbing the Republican party in the neck and leaving its dead body on the side of the road, I’m all ears. But I’m going to stop thinking that America can be resurrected (and that’s what we’re talking about here: It’s too late to “save” it; we’re going to have to haul its body to Miracle Max and hope he’s still taking customers) through politics. Time to explore other options.

And as for shrugging, unfortunately I’m not in the financial position to take the rest of my life off. But I am going to be looking hard at ways to protect my family and the meager assets we have.

American voters were already pretty comfortable voting to take money from their fellow citizens. But last Tuesday’s election was like firing a starter’s pistol at the Moocher Olympics. Taxes, fees, and mandates are going to start falling out of the sky like seagulls on a kid at the beach who made the mistake of holding up his sandwich.

So, I’m going to do my level best not to hold up my sandwich. My family is going to work less and buy less and do less of anything that feeds more money into the maw of government.

But that’s ok. You still don’t have to spend money to enjoy the things that matter. Do that, and hope for the best.

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