Fire and Lions

God, being God, is no fan of the average. But he is a fan of you. God wants you to be great. He wants you to be great for His glory.

But the bad news is, God never carries you to greatness on a silk pillow. He drags you there through fire and lions. Because there’s no glory in coasting. The glory comes out of the struggle.

I’ve been in my share of Sunday School classes in my lifetime. Every so often, I’ll find myself in a class where the subject is the persecution of Christians. The way that usually goes is this: We talk about examples of persecution from the Bible and from history and from other countries, and how Christians overcame it, and how their overcoming glorified God and enlarged His kingdom. And then some of my Sunday School classmates express their feelings of regret and guilt over not having to suffer the same kind of persecution here in America.

And I always think, “Just wait.”

We’ve been living in a historical anomaly here in the US of A. Even the non-Christians in our culture appreciated the Christian traditions and morals that it was built on. But that culture is dead. As Creative Minority Report reminds us, we are in enemy territory.

After a long ride on the silk pillow, we find ourselves surrounded by fire and lions. But I don’t say that to sound the retreat; quite the opposite. If glory is in the struggle, then we have been blessed with an abundance of opportunities for glory.

And remember, God loves us, and he doesn’t put in the position of the insurgent because he wants to see us battered and beaten. Being the insurgent is always more fun than being the establishment. When you’re the establishment, you always have to play defense. But insurgents get to tear stuff up. So let’s go get ’em.


  1. I am so down with tearing stuff up. And concur, our day is coming, has already begun. Though unlike those in your Sunday school class, I’m not so enthusiastic about persecution. I have lost more friends because I was “discovered” as a Christian, than I care… well, just “care” can end that thought… but that’s the most I have suffered. If I’m right, as so many other Christians are stating (didn’t really want to use the word “prophesying”, because it sounds so, well, prophetic), our woes and complaints are pathetic compared to the “end times” suffering. So I propose (trying to come up with as many applicable “p” words at this point as I can) we embrace our petty (!) issues and be grateful we have thus far been spared, people. Please (ok, now I’m just being silly). But really… We’ll have our due suffering probably sooner than later. Period. 😉

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