Are We All Protestants Now?

Joel Miller on Catholic’s response to the admonition of bishops to vote against candidates who support abortion and Obamacare:

Regardless of the directive, a majority of Catholics punched the Obama/Biden ticket on November 6, acting as if the episcopal counsel counted for squat. This strikes me as an interesting development, demonstrating a significant breakdown in church authority. Apparently, we’re all Protestants now — each man his own magisterium, each person his own pope. 


The pre-Kennedy concern in American politics was that Catholics would support Rome instead of Washington. Rest easy. If it wasn’t evident before, the Election of 2012 showed that disregarding the authority of the church is no longer a worry for American Catholics.

I don’t know if our friend Jen is interested in talking politics with everything else she’s got going on, but I’d love to hear her take on this.

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