In Birmingham They Love the Governor

Alabama Governor Robert Bentley declares that Alabama will not play along with Obamacare and will not set up a state health insurance exchange.

Scalia on the Law

Courtesy of NRO’s Uncommon Knowledge, sit back and let yourself be educated for eight minutes: In a sane world, where we appreciated the vigorous defense of America’s founding principles, we’d be making plans to put Scalia’s face on Mt. Rushmore.

If Christians Aren’t the Most Persecuted, They’re Number Two with a Bullet

I believe our friends the Jews still hold the pole position in the “Most Persecuted Religion” rankings (I can’t even remember the last time a Syrian rocket landed in my swimming pool), but Christians are coming on strong. So strong, in fact, that German Chancellor Angela Merkel is talking about it: Opposition MPs have criticised the Chancellor, Angela Merkel, for claiming …

How’s Same-Sex Marriage Going in Canada, Eh?

For gay people who want to get married, it’s going great. For lawyers, bureaucrats, and busybodies who are on the lookout for ways to expand the reach of their power, it’s going great. For everybody else, including people who care about freedom of religion and expression, not so great: The new orthodoxy’s impact has not been limited to the relatively small …