Well, Sure. Why Else Would He Do All Those Things?

Perhaps sensing that a constant middle finger raised toward traditionally religious Americans might lead to some serious electoral problems, the Obama campaign has released, at the 11th hour, a video claiming a moral, religious motivation for Obama’s policies. No, really. Here it is: For those of you who couldn’t watch more than a few seconds … Read more

"A Note to Stiff-Necked People"

David Mamet composes a missive to Jews planning to vote for Obama, although I think it applies to the stiff-necked of all races and religions: Are you prepared to explain to your children not the principles upon which your vote is cast, but its probable effects upon them?   Irrespective of your endorsement of liberal sentiments, … Read more

Chick-Fil-A Appreciation Day, Part II: 1 Day

(Via the Chicago Boyz, showing something good can come out of Chicago.)