Brit Hume Talks About Christianity

In an interview on CBN, Brit Hume talks about his Christianity and what it meant after the death of his son:

I considered myself a Christian. If someone had asked me if you’re a Christian, I would have said, ‘Of course I’m a Christian.’ But I think I was what you would call a nominal Christian. I went through my adult life with little thought day by day of God or Christ or any of the rest of it. I just didn’t think about it very much. When my son died in 1998, you know, when something shattering like that happens, I think it’s likely to be moment or can well be a moment where you find out what you really believe, and as horrible as that was, and it was bad, and it was heartbreaking and it was unexpected and it was very painful, I had the feeling through it all, that God was there, that He would rescue me from grief and pain, and that, I would get through it, and I knew I believed, and I knew it with enormous force. And things happened during that period that I looked to Him as the only reasonable explanation.

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  1. I’m so thankful that God can use incidents of great loss and suffering and turn them into a victory for our soul. We too lost a son. And while our relationship with Jesus was far from nominal, the impact of this event took us deeper than I ever thought possible.

    God is good.
    Bring it!

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