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In an effort to become for Chick-Fil-A what the E! network is for the Kardashians (except without the draining of America’s collective IQ), I continue devote an exorbitantly high percentage of my output to the fried chicken chain. Today, Bill McGurn examines the latest volley in the war on Truett Cathy’s gift to mankind:

Now the controversy is back, after a Chicago alderman announced that Chick-fil-A had agreed to stop supporting “antigay organizations.” After two days of confusion, Mr. Cathy this weekend said Chick-fil-A had “made no such concessions.” No matter who is telling the truth, this much we know: The targeting of Chick-fil-A is but one front in an ugly campaign where the goal isn’t so much to prevail in a political argument as to buffalo opposing voices into silence.

The whole Chick-Fil-A brouhaha is a microcosm of the gay marriage movement in general. It’s not a movement dedicated to bestowing rights on a minority as much as it’s a movement to make opponents shut up.

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