Where are the Defenders of Free Speech?

GetReligion on the media watchdog that keeps on not barking:

Now the guy in question has been taken in by federal authorities for questioning. Obviously this Nakoula Nakoula (these names!) sounds like a most unsavory character. Supposedly he’s being questioned about his probation status. But the only reason people in any way care about him is because of the riots around the world. Which is usually why civil liberties organizations get worried. They want to determine whether federal interest in him is about the speech he engaged in rather than the kind of activity he may have conducted with computers. 

We know that the media tend to be vigorous defendants of certain types of speech. I don’t know why they’re so disinterested in that issue this week. Maybe they can pretend it’s an anti-Christian film, or a porno, or a piece of journalism and just imagine how they’d be writing about such a crackdown.

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