The Democrat’s Love/Hate Relationship with Jews

Basically it’s that they love their money, but they hate they’re country. I was afraid I was too harsh on the Democrats’ treatment of Christians, but Roger Simon asks some deadly serious questions to his fellow Jews:

Which leads me to the incendiary part of this article. 

I address it to my fellow Jews who are currently in the Democratic Party or supporting it. 

How do you sleep? 

I’m talking to you David Axelrod, Charles Schumer, and even you, Alan Dershowitz, who made such a big (and welcome) noise when Jerusalem, Hamas, and the “law of return” were left out of the Democratic Party platform for the first time in years and then went suddenly silent when only the first of the three was reinstated. 

How about you, Rahm Emanuel, son of the Irgun and one-time volunteer with the IDF? How would you feel if a dirty nuke, slipped by the Revolutionary Guard into the hands of their buddies in Hezbollah, detonated on Dizengoff Street?

I’ve heard some anecdotal reports that Jewish support for Obama was slipping. I’ll believe it when I see it.

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