Republican and Democratic Platforms on Abortion

Justin Taylor points to Kevin DeYoung’s analysis of the Republican and Democrat party platforms on abortion in the post-Roe v. Wade era. 

Needless to say, the party positions on abortion have just become more and more significant as time has passed. Taylor adds his own observations, including:

…the Democrats have chosen a new tact this year in explicitly highlighting and celebrating their support of unrestricted legal abortion. It’s an interesting strategy, given that those self-identifying as “pro-choice” are at a recorded-low. The theme, however, is consistent with the fact that President Obama—whether you agree or disagree with his philosophy in other areas, has to be acknowledged as the most extreme presidential advocate of abortion-rights in American political history.

One things we know for sure: the Supreme Court’s decision to de-politicize the abortion debate by declaring it a constitutional right really has worked out well, hmmm?

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